Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Synchonicity... at the Opera Bar

Having been lately participating in a great discussion on the importance of music in films, that can be found at:


Here's a story of Synchronicity that occurred last night while out on an "Artist's Date" (see Julia Cameron and her fabulous books in The Artist's Way series, if you don't know what I'm talking about)

I was at the Opera Bar soaking up atmosphere of the romantic imagery of the opera house & Sydney harbour and the sounds of a singer/pianist with a cheeky glass of champas before returning home... and the musician and I get to chatting in his breaks. Of course we share a bit about ourselves, what we do... and he tells me he wants to get into writing soundtracks for films. His name is Gerard Masters.

Gerard Masters... Gerard Masters... The name was familiar. I felt a bit sheepish that I couldn't place it. It was clear from our convi that he knew some cool people and did a lot of touring and recording with his two bands (one pop, one jazz)...

Anyway, we had a great chat - about all things creative, favourite movies, travelling spots, vacation plans - and it comes out that he's a kiwi too (my goodness, us kiwi's are a talented bunch!!!) We exchange details, he invited me to a gig (It's on tonight at the Basement, unfortunately I can't go, but you should catch it if you're around!) and we agreed to catch up when he gets back from touring for the new CD launches.

Of course when I got home, I googled him. Turns out he's pretty well known!

Gerard Masters is one of Sydney's most in demand keyboard players. As well as leading his own groups, he performs and records with top jazz, funk and rock artists from around Australia and New Zealand.


Double the sheepishness - I have to admit, I got pretty excited to learn that he toured with Missy Higgins (one of my all-time fav. AU singer-songwriters). His bands have done a bunch of recordings and live gigs at various international locations and festivals. But that still didn't give me how I knew him...

It wasn't til I loaded up good ol' iTunes that I realised why his name was so familiar to me --- The Gerard Masters Trio (the jazz band) was a favourite of Chrissie Koltai, my old movement & dance teacher from the Actor's Centre! I had a copy of their CD "Palindrome" at home and had even used it in the soundtrack to a piece I directed for stage while studying at The Actor's Centre...

How is that for synchronicity! Pretty awesome huh?

I was really just there to lap up the gorgeous sounds & atmosphere! -- but it's great to have met him. I could tell he was talented. Was great to hear he was also being recognised and in demand for his skills!

Needless to say, am looking forward to exploring possible future collaborations :)

Loving it up!
from Lunar Wolf Productions

PS For a further note on the synchronicity of that - just last weekend I saw an Italian film called "QUIET CHAOS" and they were talking about Palindromes in the first few minutes of having walked into the cinema... freaky!!! lol.

PPS Gerard if you are reading this, the song I mentioned covered by the Whitlams (but I think originally written by Bob Dylan) was "Tangled Up and Blue." And I loved your rendition of "Fire & Rain" - you may have noticed that it had me singing along in my chair. he he. Great song. Next time, play more of yours!


My info from a little birdie who works there (thanks for the water, Ben!) says that:


And Gerard mentioned that through winter they often get a little baby grand down there to help warm the winter-nights. Make sure you pop down to hear him play, it's food for the soul :)

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