Tuesday, July 22, 2008

To all Screen Writers... SAVE THE CAT!!!

Now you may have already heard about this, so if you have and it's like "old news" then I apologise - but if you haven't then

by Blake Snyder

Blake's website: http://www.blakesnyder.com/

You can buy it there through the online store, through amazon.com or run along to your local film store (I bought it on a recent vacation in Dublin, from the Irish Film Institute bookstore - so there you go). But go - now, and buy it!

This is one seriously COOL book. It's a brilliantly easy read. Takes about 1-2 hours, max. And it will totally revolutionise the way you think and write movies. Seriously, both me and my partner read it in when we bought it, and now ALL our conversations are referencing inside that books gleaming covers. Amazing.

There are times when a teacher - be it by book, in person or webinar - takes your breath away and a holy light in your movie-buzzing brain goes "AHA!" and this my friends, was a winning "AHA" from start to finish.

Enough ranting. Read it.

Then watch your favourite movies through from start to finish all over again. I guarentee you won't be able to resist!

And Blake, you are a legend. Thank you.
Yours cybernetically,
from Lunar Wolf Productions