Saturday, February 28, 2009

Girl w the courage of a lion, who silenced the UN for 6 minutes

watch this girl speak - full of passion, conviction and grace.
incredible. inspiring. i cried, yes, while watching it. but more importantly, i started thinking: what could i do? what can i do to make a difference, right now? perhaps i could donate some things. perhaps i could give some clothes to the salvos for those that lost in the fires or live on the streets, perhaps i could donate to an environmental action group, perhaps i could plant a tree... perhaps i could buy one less latte a day and save the planet that takeaway cup. perhaps.
lets see tomorrow what i do.
actions speak louder than words. this girl action = courage and taking a stand to say No, No More.

The Oscars are a compass...

For me, the Oscars are a compass

There was a great discussion going on ACTING INSPIRATIONS:

It was started by Paul Barry asking for what we thought of the OSCARS.

It got me going, reading everybodies thoughts and I wanted to share my response with you.

I think awards like the oscars are a good measure of where we are at, what we accept inside of 'mainstream' and a way, as community, to celebrate and publicly acknowledge extra-ordinary work.

i love watching - it is like a meter towards the sort of high calibre work i strive for - but also because it never fails to remind me of how human those that are our mentors, our role models and above all, ARE our fellow artists.

i feel connected to the source of storytelling when i watch. that it is not so much the individual as the WORK that we are celebrating. the strive for excellence. the striving to touch move and inspire others.

i was moved by watching merryl streep's bemusement, almost embarrassment at being so publicly acknowledged by all present for her extraordinary lifetime achievements - there was a look on her face that seemed to say

"but this is work. I do what I love. I show up, I work hard. you are all as great as me - what you see in me, i see in you."

that's the kind of artist I want to be. one who is busy doing the work. if the work works for others and they love it, great. if it flops - well, i hope i've learnt something and the next step will be to get up off the mat and focus on the next step.

to tell stories is who i am. sometimes they catch the eye & ear of my community, sometimes they won't... but i'd be dead before i stop sharing them!!!

now that i am committed to a lifetime career as a director/writer, i sat there terrified. I have no idea if i can do it (all the bravado of puppy enthusiasm has dried up) and they terrify me! I use to love them, admire them, look up to them. Now I look at the body of work of people who have been nominated and those that never were, yet have created brilliant work - and i realise, i'm in it for the long haul. no matter the result. awards or no, my heart is committed.

i enjoyed them immensely, for this moment. And I got to whoop and holler for some of my favourite filmmakers - actresses, directors, actors & writers - hooray for Kate, hooray for Sean (bravo to those passionate words for the rights of all) and to the writer of Milk...

it's also just a bloody good show all round :)


ps if you haven't already heard of this book, find it - THE WAR OF ART - check it out! it's brilliant :)