Friday, December 12, 2008

Plugging into Source during the pre-holiday madness!

Wow, the holidays are really coming up fast, aren't they?

I've been blown away by how busy I am this year in the lead up to the holidays. I've also had the realisation that filmmakers don't really do 'holidays' - that just becomes time to really get stuck in to your film projects while everything else lies low!

Having been experiencing an amazing sense of abundance, it's also been coupled with an increasing experience of stress... I don't know about you, but the 'to-do-list' this year seems to be a drop down menu stretching to infinity!

So, in lieu of the fact, that yes - life is fast; yes, there is no time like the present; and yes, we should get on top of everything while we can.... I have also been mindful to take TIME OUT to bring myself back to Source.

I don't know what Source is for you. Now, I don't mean christmas pudding sauce - but the Source where your job is only to plug in. But for me it is:
Walks on the Beach,
Walks on the Headland,
Walks in the Bush...

It is also:
Swimming in the Ocean,
Diving off the pier at Balmoral Beach,
Snorkling around the Foreshore,
and getting Tumbled in the Sydney Surf...

It is Travelling to Exotic Lands - by imagination or in reality...
(having grown up in NZ and living in Sydney, my dream is of a white christmas! for you it might be stretched out on tropical beaches)
It is Dreaming of future projects and then living inside the skin of the characters, stretching out into the tendons and thoughts and dreams of a whole new person...
It is watching Movies - new films, old films, films I've seen a million times...
Scrapbooks and Dreamwalls, Colouring pencils and scissors, Playing at the beach with my neices and nephews, Writing in a diary, Writing a blog, getting out into my community with a Stills Camera or even getting in the car and driving to someone elses community to see theirs...

But whatever it is for you... at the busiest time in life, there is always time to get back to Source.

Source fills up the well. Source opens the synapses to intuition and creative impulse.... I don't know about you, but for me, Source keeps me Sane.

So, instead of getting fully tumbled by the stress of pre-holiday madness, work deadlines and shopping lists... Why not take a few minutes out of your day for YOU and PLUG IN TO YOUR SOURCE :)

Love Miri
from Lunar Wolf Productions...

Here's a picture of a sand sculpture made by a guy who was preparing for corporate team building event he runs...

My partner and I caught sight of it in the early stages while we went for a swim... I was lucky enough to catch this shot of the final product when I was taking a TIME OUT later that day, treating myself to a walk along the beach. Magical, isn't it?! I don't know about you, but it makes me want to get out a bucket and trowel and start building!!!