Thursday, January 31, 2008

A sad time for our industry

As the sadness of the news of Heath Ledgers death swept through the world a few weeks ago, I posted a comment on the SMH newspaper expressing my sadness that such a talented young man and father's life had ended so abruptly. I was surprised myself at how moved I was by the response - heartfelt and honest - that was outpouring from people all over the world.
What a talented and courageous actor to have touched so many.
My thoughts are with his grieving friends and family.

Here was my comment as posted on a forum of in response to the sad news.
You can read other's comment here:

Such a young & promising life. A tragedy.
I am a filmmaker and I think Broke Back Mountain was an incredible film.

Heath was an incredible actor who was really taking control of his career as an actor and taking on some intelligent and challenging roles. Including the recent "Joker", Bob Dylan in "I'm no there", among others. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

I ask the press to give his family and friends the breathing space they deserve to
express their grief.

It's brought me to thinking that in today's film industry - where we are chomping production times harder and harder to get films through shooting & demanding more and more of our cast & crew - we should reflect on the health of the professionals who are working in this high-stress environment - especially the actors - who have to not only work in those conditions - but also inhabit the emotional world that we are creating.

How can we take better care of each other? How can we look out for our friends & respected fellow industry professionals? As an actor and film maker what practises can I take on to promote mental and physical longevity and foster a strong network of friends and family who can be a grounding influence for the work.

I would also like to take a moment to say I admire those in the film & theatre industry. I have many incredible friends & collegues, and I would like to acknowledge you all for what you are taking on and creating in your life.

Thank you for being a part of mine.

Take care,

Love & Inspiration


Please feel free to share with me by commenting on this blog as to how we can
look after our friends and family members who are both in the industry and
experiencing such pressures and for those in the rest of our lives who may also
be under similar strain.

I believe community and open conversation are the key...

Love and Inspiration,


from Lunar Wolf Productions

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

also to note - I've set up my own home page!

Hey guys

I wanted to let you know that I've set up my own film home page as a professional working in the industry here in Sydney and abroard. My filmmography is available there, so is my CV and various other sites and current projects are up there too.

Have a squizz and let me know what you think!

love and inspiration
"I make films happen"
filmmaker, producer, actress, writer and composer


1) Next Metro Screen Speed Networking Night on March the 4th, 6:30pm, Paddington RSL. Registration is a good idea at:
They also have a facebook group which is great for hearing about what's hot and coming up fast.

2) Next NAFA Choc Top - thoroughly recommend this group if you live in Sydney - it kicks ass for great speakers and opportunities to make films happen/get involved in other people's projects...
For more info or to check out this year's calender, Visit:

They also have two great film festivals coming up - great way to get your film seen and out there!

If you are into it, just keep following your nose - even the smallest the snow ball sized action you take on your paths, will turn into an avalanche!

Bathrooms and Bustops - the online revolution!

Bathrooms and Bustops - the update

Phew! Since my last blog, Bathrooms and Bustops has been taken over by a Video Artist & his team... they are really going for it!

Here's what the video artist and his co-creators have to say about this underground online movement:
"Bathrooms and Bustops is a multi-media interactive experiment exploring the insatiable need for video content by today's YouTube generation.
We are creating an online video experiment, filming short videos of people at bustops and in bathrooms who are unaware they are being filmed. It's about observing people in their natural habitat. It's about their public versus private faces. It's about the act of observation.
Why do we watch people on the internet?
Why do we film ourselves and put our own lives online for all to see?
What's the line between curiousity and voyeurism?
Do you know the the line?
Do I?"

You can read a bit more at

For now - that's all I can tell you as the rest is hush hush - as the project is in 'gestation' phase.

Take care,

PS if you haven't seen STARDUST or GOLDEN COMPASS and if you love fantasy even half as much as I do, then you are missing out!! Catch them at the cinema if you can...

Bathrooms and Bustops is copywright protected as of 2006.
Copywright for Bathrooms and Bustops held by Mirina Leonti, Gillian Emmett and Peter Humble.
It is in production with ‘Lunar Wolf Productions’ and ‘Humble Media’.