Wednesday, May 6, 2009

making things makes a difference!

I've started a wee project, just for myself. I'm writing a novel. Don't know what it'll come to or whether I'll ever publish it or perhaps make a movie of it... but for now the pleasure's all in the writing and playing in the world!!!

So it was 12:30 AM when I managed to tear myself away from the 'work' computer last night having been lost in a silly spiral of online time wasting and got into bed to grab my laptop and start writing.

For me, climbing into my warm bed with the duck duvee and getting out my laptop to open final draft is more like rubbing my hands together when sitting at the kitchen table just before thrusting them into a big bowl of playdough...

Now there's a thought, when did I get too old for playdough or lego for that matter?! And who says I have to wait to have kids before I can play with it again?!

Ha, perhaps I'll look up a recipe for it online. I'm sure there's a million out there by mum's, dad's & fellow rebellious artists who are getting back in touch with their making/playing/doing side.

Speaking of which, here's an amazing video I watched that gave me inspiration today...

Hope you get as much from it as I did!!!

Take care,
Miri from Lunar Wolf Productions

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