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Ever wondered about moving to LA to pursue your career???

Here is an article that Kate Davies posted on her facebook group called "The Actor's Journey" discussion board. i thought it was pretty awesome, so I'm reposting it here for you to read. I think, regardless if you're going over there for acting or other filmmaking career aspirations, that there is plenty of gold nuggets to mine!

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Hey Gorgeous actors and film folk,
Many of you have been asking me where I am studying etc. So here is some info on moving to LA.

1. I am studying at TVI actors studios, the reason I chose them was it is an intense 8 week course covering mainly the audition process, american dialect class and the way to market yourself for the American Market.
The 8 week course cost $3500 US. There is also an 4 month course which gives you the chance to work in the industry for a month.

2. To find accommodation, the school will help you or you can check craigslist:

The average monthly rent is about $750 - $1000 US per person.

3. There are also some other visa options on the discussion topic here on the AJ " 10 ways to get a visa to USA"

4. Please be careful and don't part with your money unwisely. To set yourself up for a 2 month stay in LA here is a breakdown of costs:
a) $3500 US for 2 month school
b) $1000 AUD for a return flight from Sydney to LA (I flew Virgin, they were great and it's a 13 hr flight)
c) $750-$1000 US a month rent.
d) Budget about $100-$150 US a week on food and living.

5. Getting around LA is a pain if you don't have a vehicle. If you study at TVI you can get a place quite close and walk it is quite safe. The buses ($1.25US per ride)are cheap but getting to Santa Monica from Sherman Oaks is a 2 bus ride and takes about 1 1/2 hrs. Buddy up with someone with a car and you can share petrol it costs about $28 US for a full tank of gas.

6. TVI are quite lax and as long as you have some acting experience you can get in. Don't do yourself a dis favour and go without acting lessons as you will feel out of your depth.

7. I studied acting for screen in Australia at NIDA and Screenwise as a part time student but I also worked extensively in the Oz industry. For some of my work check my website:

8. If you have a few credits, an IMDB or lots of PR you are probably better off spending the $3500US on getting a lawyer in Oz to sort you out with a 2 year work visa, that way you can get out here and work straight away and fund your trip and stay that way.

9. Don't think it is any easier here in LA, yes there is more work, but there are 20 times more actors, going for the same jobs. You really have to market yourself as a business here and not rely on your agent or manager. Relying on them you will starve to death and just end up getting jaded and leaving the industry.

10. Everyone is really friendly here and there is a huge Ozzy community. So it is up to you to get out and go the the networking events. There is something different going on every day.
Also classes out here are roughly about $250 US for 4 x 3hour classes. But again do your homework and go and do an audit of the class (sit in and watch for free) to see if you like it.

Adopt a smart proactive attitude, seek your own work and network like crazy! It is definately not what you know but WHO you know in this town.

I am loving my experience and the classes are teaching me a lot about the business of acting.

I hope this is helpful. Feel free to add some comments if there is anything I have forgoten!

And remember:

"The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore."
–Dale Carnegie

Good luck guys and keep on believing in yourselves.

Best wishes


Best of luck!
from Lunar Wolf Productions

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