Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sydney-siders: check out this photographic exhibition @ CAFE LOUNGE

Cafe Lounge has an exhibition on at the moment called LOUNGIN'

It's out of this world!!!

My favourite portrait was a gorgeous image of a woman as if in a japanese tea house which had been flooded... complete with green fog rising off the water --- magical!!!

Congratulations to Alex Weltlinger and his team who worked LONG hours on this series.

All of the models are actually the STAFF from CAFE LOUNGE.

Alex's vision was to bring out the unique characteristics of each of the portraits, placing them in their element and highlighting the shocking, the funny or the irreverent inside each of them.

EVERYTHING was shot at the Cafe Lounge! Amazing use of space, lighting and context to transport you in each photograph to a whole new world.

Congratulations to everyone involved once again - and to the Cafe Lounge for partnering such a visionary project!

It's called:

It's on from:
19th May - 9th of June

Cafe Lounge, 277 Gouldburn St, Surry Hills

Find out more about it:
(PS check out the awesome feature on the bottom of the screen - hint, it's a rollover so swipe the mouse across the figurines - be prepared for image overload!!!)

or on this blog:

He also has a funky profile on Model Mahem:

This is a photo of Alex's, but not from the exhibition. Just an example of his extraordinary talent to get the juices flowing so you hop on down to the CAFE LOUNGE to experience it for yourself!!!

To see more of Alex's photos and some sneak previews from the LOUNGIN' exhibition, check out:

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